Over *97% Of Homeowners & New Home Buyers Would Remodel, Renovate, Rehab, or Replace Something Specific Inside or Outside The Home.

Whether It’s the Floors, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Roof, Appliances or Something Else…

You Want Fresh & New… And we Know How to help you get it!

The majority of homeowners and new home buyers don’t know about these programs, and frankly, most loan officers don’t know how to properly structure or close them!

We want to be very clear, this is NOT a home equity line or 2nd mortgage with a floating rate… this is entirely unique.

One thing that may stop homeowners from talking to a mortgage professional, is thinking they require equity in the home, or they have to close the loan on their purchase first.

Don’t let this old school thought process stop you!

*Equity is not necessarily required, so, if you own your own home and think you’re maxed out, keep on reading.

As a home buyer, you know it’s rare to buy a home with equity unless you’re buying from family or it’s completely run down.

But we could close the renovations you require on a purchase at the same time, and quite possibly build you some great equity.

Put your creative hat on and imagine… What updates would you make if you had $50,000 or $100,000 or more to have a professional complete them?

Would you fall in love with your home all over again?

BuildBuyRefi is a Top Rated® mortgage lender that specializes in home renovation loans, and if you want to build from the ground up, we can help you there too.

We offer some of the best “single-loan” home renovation and remodeling loan programs in all 50 states! (read our reviews below to see what others say about us.)

If you are looking to buy a new home, our team will help you and your every step of the way, from structuring the loan to working with your Realtor® and contractor!

We’ve helped many people buy the ugly duckling on the street and create amazing equity, while not every transaction is the same, the end game is getting you the professional remodeling updates you desire.


If you already own your home and want to start your professional remodel and don’t have enough equity, you should check out this program today and get pre-approved below… it’s an option you want to look at.

Many of our transactions allow us to add value for the updates and appraise the home subject to the updates being completed

Meaning, you may very well qualify even if you don’t believe you have any equity at all.

As long as you have a FICO score above 620, we want to help you get the loan you deserve.

If you are straddling the line on that credit score… It’s a bit tougher, but our team will work with you to see how we can help push that credit up in a manner that you will qualify!

Increase the value of your property, make the updates you’ve always been wanting, and finally have the custom features you have always dreamed of.

Just Scroll down a bit further, and tell us what you Want to Do.

*No Credit Score Required To Complete our Form!

Get Pre-Approved For Up To $35,000 Or More In FHA 203k, USDA, or VA Home Renovation Loan Financing From Our Top Rated® Mortgage Bankers FAST!

Home Buyers & Home Owners Can Pre-Qualify For Up to 100% or More To Remodel Their Home From California To New York, BuildBuyRefi Has You Covered.


Be Sure To Read Our Reviews Below & See What Others Have To Say About Their Experience With BuildBuyRefi.com


We’ll Find You The Best Home Renovation Loan Program In The Market And Provide A 5-Star Rated Experience 7-Days A Week, Around Your Schedule, Not Ours!

Read what other customers of BuildBuyRefi.com have to say about us!


For Home Buyers & Home Owners Looking To Rehab Their Current Home or Renovate A New Home Purchase, Access Up To $50,000.00 or Much More For Your Contractors To Complete All Updates, In ONE FAST Loan!

Your Home Renovation Options Are Endless, & We Can Go Well Over $50,000.00 In Updates When Selecting The FHA 203k Standard Loan.

With Credit Scores Starting At 600 FICO, Apply Today & Ask Us How Much You Can Qualify For!


Kitchen Rehab or Appliance Upgrades!

Use our BuildBuyRefi FHA 203k Renovation Loan to update your kitchen, reface cabinets, upgrade appliances, add new flooring, or much more.


Bathroom Updates or New Flooring In Every Room!

Find a home that needs new floors or a design change in the bathroom? Yup, it’s absolutely possible to change every floor and bathroom in the house!


New Roof, Exterior Updates or Even More!

Need a new roof, want an outdoor kitchen, patio extension… These are just some of many upgrades you can make. Access up to county loan-limits for a 203k rehab loan.


*97% of homebuyers and homeowners surveyed by BuildBuyRefi.com stated they would definitely change something about the home they are looking to purchase or currently living in.