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Bert R. Mushlin

Top Rated® New Client Consultant & US Veteran

You may have the chance to speak to Bert before one of our Top Rated Bankers reaches out to you, and if you do, you'll be sure to enjoy chatting with him.

Bert grew up in the Commercial Real Estate market as a child in the '40s thru '60s and hadn't stopped his love of people and Real Estate since.

After making it on the cover of Sports Illustrated (yes really) as a collegiate level swimmer and graduating from the University of Miami, Bert joined the U.S. Army Reserves in 1963 signing up in the Medical Corps unit out of Ft. Lenoradwood in Missouri and Ft. Sam Houston in Texas.

He wanted to serve his country, give back to others, and explore if the Medical field would be his chosen profession; it ended up being a different path he would take.

In 1964 he met and married his wife and life long love, Sherry, having just celebrated 54 years of marriage this past November.

They have 6 fully grown beautiful children who acknowledge their deep love and inspiration for their parents spread throughout the world and are grandparents to their three special pups.

They enjoy taking walks together, running errands, staying healthy and active is the key to their happiness, carefree attitudes, and longevity.

After a short stint working in L.J. Ross Lumberyard, and in his true entrepreneurial spirit, Bert opened his first business in 1964 that would lead him into marketing and advertising specialties, helping businesses brand their logos on everything from Coffee Mugs to Commercial signage.

After a successful 30-year operation working with some of the largest companies in the world like McDonalds®, Dukes of Hazard®, and other top known world brands, Bert would make his transition to the Mortgage Industry by way of his youngest son in 1996.

Having first started as a Loan Officer in the St. Louis Area, in 2000 Bert would be introduced to Richie Duncan, where he would become a loan officer with Richie's first company and join his team.

Their relationship of 19 years would prove to be a powerful connection and result in the closings of hundreds of new home transactions for clients in the Midwest.

Bert joined us at in 2018 as our New Client Consultant to expand his reach in all 50 states and continue his successes, with Bert's 24 years of mortgage experience, and love of speaking to virtually anyone, especially Veterans seeking a particular loan, it became a perfect fit.

Bert works hard to help clients find the right Top Rated® Banker for their specific loan needs and works in coordination with Richie to help resolve any scheduling conflicts while finding the best time to get you started.