Saif Kovach, Top Rated® National Banker with Community 1st National Bank and

Saif Kovach

Top Rated® National Banker & Chief Product Specialist

NMLS ID# 1630219

Saif joined in 2017 after taking a sabbatical to the Mediterranean having founded and established an adventure company with his family.

Saif originally entered the mortgage and finance industry in 1999, having been a highly successful loan officer and branch manager in the Midwest.

Saif and James “Richie” Duncan would begin working together around 2000, only to reconnect again years later when Saif joined our team with Magnolia Bank.

Saif is well versed in almost every mortgage product available, but he thoroughly enjoys working with those interested in building their dream homes across the country.

As an expert in our One-Time Close Construction Loan, all Conventional, FHA, USDA and VA programs, Saif is going to be your motivator to the finish line working hand in hand with Richie Duncan.

Saif is goal and customer oriented, ensuring his clients receive the information they require to feel confident, informed and clear on their goals ahead.

It’s not unusual to find Saif responding to your questions on evenings or weekends, as he knows to execute a perfect closing, you must be flexible to everyone’s schedule.

You may find Saif in the gym, spending time with his son Liam, and finding new ways to reach even more future homeowners.

Saif is one of those rare breed bankers that loves what he does, serving clients with a smile that never goes away, while motivating you all the way to the closing table.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Saif whenever you need to know your loan status, obtain a pre-approval letter, or discuss the process of building, buying or refinancing your dream home!